Embrace Product Constraints

Constraints are awesome. They are the best helpers you can get while building a product. Through them you will find both motivation and direction to move forward. Too many people fight them when instead they can use them.

Constraints give products shape.

Product development is an iterative process. Because you’re innovating you don’t know what’s right. The only way to find out is assume > produce > deploy > learn.

As you deliberately assume constraints they give your product shape. This is the way to focus on getting it right.

It has a side effect: it sends a message to competition about where the product stands and where other products can come in. Some leaders may not like it. Some others will say it’s a good way to do business, shows your confidence.

While setting and knowing your product limits, it is also important to have feelers on them. If you’re able to listen to what happens at the edges you’ll feel the resistance: your customers will push your boundaries if the product isn’t solving their problem completely. Where the resistance is strongest is your area for future development. This is where you add functions and generate more value to secure more business.

Instead of worrying about falling short of features here is the way to think about it:

Make product constraints your source of verified opportunities.

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