On self education

The last time I took a formal course of any sort was in 2009. And before that was the uni I graduated in 2001.

In that span of time I managed to continue stepping up professionally every year. It wasn’t through deliberate academic studies or training. It was rather through curiosity and investment of time into things that I did daily.

I don’t read business books and this contradicts the modern culture of business education. I’m fine with that. Simply listening to stories of others about how they work allowed me to accumulate the knowledge I have. This gives me enough satisfaction and confidence to move forward. Mostly the ‘listening’ comes in a form of online content: blog posts, videos and podcasts. I’m subscribed to over a 100 sources that I digest selectively but regularly. Every 2–3 months I get tired and revise the list to shake things up.

Recently I nearly made a mistake. Having decided to produce more I’ve slown down consuming. But then this interesting piece came about and sparked a real insight. And this couldn’t have happened if I stopped reading.

Takeaway for me:

Recipe to improve: accumulate and synthesise.

Takeaway for others:

It’s healthier and easier to never stop learning.

Source: https://medium.com/@soloviov/on-self-educa...