Being in it

Having a moment here: resistance to go straight into doing something instead of reflecting on it for a few minutes.

It is very easy to come up with a plan and dedicate all your time, energy and attention to executing it. This is what rational people like me do very well. What they do really poorly is staying in the flow while they act. They lose sight of what’s around them.

And this is what I’d like to change about myself.

It happens too often that I look back and struggle to remember what I’ve been doing in the past week. Simply because I don’t have any emotional trace of it left, I was totally consumed by the tunnel vision of the result I was after.

Similarly, it is often hard for me to celebrate and enjoy achievements. Because my mind knows there is the next item on the list. It’s linked with the previous one, they’re both steps to a bigger goal and that goal is still ahead of me. Have to keep moving!

That’s what my brain mumbles when I hit milestones. I’ve grown to find it harmful. It’s robbing me of the opportunity to have more joy along the way. So, I’d like to practice staying really-really close to the present.

I don’t know whether my kids are going to be as rational and focused as I am. They may find it natural. But it is vital that as a parent I show them how important it is to always be in it.