Proactive attitude

Funny story today. My mrs texts me and says: ‘Turned up to pick up Danny from the nursery and saw him running around in his jumper, cheeks bright red, clearly hot. Offered him some water and he drank half a bottle in one go — unheard of.’

So, no one has thought that the kid may be hot and thirsty and has probably been since lunch time. Or they may have thought that but didn’t do anything because ‘who knows what’s normal in his family, I’m better off just watching the kid as my job spec says.’

I said, it’s funny but not in a good way. I grew up in the USSR where we were taught that the system discourages proactive attitude as it questions authority of the leadership and promotes change. Back then everybody thought this was rubbish and surely they wouldn’t have that in the developed Western world. Well, they do. Too much of that, in fact.

One thing that I appreciate so much in people working with me and around me is them keeping switched on and using their brain, coming up with meaningful suggestions, standing up to me and the status quo. It’s crazy how many places don’t have that.