Attention deficit

You know all this buzz about focus, productivity, distractions and multi-tasking?

Basically, there are two camps.

One says ‘If you want to accomplish something meaningful you have to push distractions away, concentration is the key’.

And the other says ‘Some people just aren’t good at multi-tasking.’ A pretty spectacular holy war revolves around these core beliefs, constantly challenging them. Some might say, great multi-taskers are just delusional and their activity is shallow. Others might say, aiming for focus isn’t practical in a fast paced environment as you always fall behind.

God knows who’s right, it’s usually counter productive to make sense of clashed opinions. But the problem is: we all get caught up in this in real life. We’re forced to have this debate with colleagues and make choices on how we handle the challenge.

So, all of us have to decide on this: when challenged how do I put an end to this debate, so that we can get on with our jobs? People passionate about the issue can equip you with data and facts. These facts are music to my ears because I do struggle in a distractive environment. But even this leaves a question: are all people like this or is there a category of people affected? Probably impossible to answer conclusively, so we have to live with uncertainty. That’s my message to those so sure of being right:

Being able to live with uncertainty and act with confidence is a skill for life.